Fairfield Area Ministerial Association - Fairfield, Iowa

FAMA members are clergy of the Fairfield, Iowa area who associate to support each other and to serve our community in the name of Jesus Christ.

We offer this website for community members to learn about us and what we do. Special events for the community will be publicized here as they come up.

As pastors, we use the site to communicate with each other and to keep current on events and meeting schedules.

May the peace of God be with you!

Fairfield Area Churches

Pastor: Len Maselli
Assisting Clergy:
John Wilbur
Address: 1209 S. 6th St.
Phone: (641) 472-2623
Pastor: Darnell Tingle
Address: 500 W. Washington
Phone: (641) 472-2524
Pastor: James Wotherspoon
Address: 205 West Broadway
Phone: (641) 472-5205
Website: fffbc.com
Pastor: Mac McDonald
Address: 702 110th Str
Phone: (319) 694-4120
Pastor: Howard Innis
Address: 201 North 5th
Phone: (641) 472-5849
Website: nazarene.org
Pastor: Joseph Perricellia
Address: 2145 241 St.
Phone: (641) 472-8524
Pastor: Stacy Grau
Address: 201 West Briggs Avenue
Phone: (641) 472-4184
Website: flcfairfield.com
Pastor: Thomas Miller
Assisting Clergy:
Steven Arndt
Richard Hall
James Palmer
Address: 300 East Burlington, corner of 'C' Street
Phone: (641) 472-1625
Pastor: Joseph Phipps
Address: 200 S. Main St.
Phone: (641) 472-4315
Pastor: Nick Adam
Address: 3100 W. Madison Av.
Phone: (641) 472-3179
Pastor: Todd Holman
Assisting Clergy:
Jessica Rockhol...
Address: 201 N. Court St.
Phone: (641) 472-4303
Pastor: Chris Fiske
Address: 2092 Libertyville Road
Phone: (641) 472-1463
Pastor: Jim Cecil
Address: 1700 S. Main St.
Phone: (641) 472-4352

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